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Muzyka inspirowana grą:Edytuj

1. Adam Skorupa - "Tales of the Witcher"

2. Rootwater - "Born Again"

3. Jesus Chrysler Suicide - "Throw the Stone"

4. Vader - "Sword of the Witcher"

5. Lady Aarp - "Tarot"

6. Habakuk - "Hallowed Be Thy Name"

7. Village Kollektiv - "Sapphire Waters"

8. Duan - "Skellige"

9. Me, Myself and I - "Sou-Au"

10. Beltaine - "Bring to the Boil"

11. Rimead - "Sentinels of Brokilon"

12. Believe - "The Witcher Theme"

13. Skowyt - "Running Away"

14. Lal - "They Want To Suck"

15. Marcin Przybyłowicz - "Trial of Herbs"

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